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  • Millions March

    Nationwide protests took place on Saturday, December 13th to call attention to the police state, excessive police brutality, and institutionalized racism in America. Thousands marched from the San Francisco Ferry Building to City Hall demanding justice for the recent murders of unarmed black men by law enforcement. The air was thick with sorrow, pain, strength, and determination. The emotion was palpable, and nearly brought me to tears as we all gathered in front of City Hall. 

    I am privileged because I am a white man in America. I'm aware of white privilege. Even though I came up from poverty, I know that my path in life was not without it's share of easy outs. Feeling progressive in that thought, but not knowing where my place is in all of this has been an ongoing battle for me. 

    I want to fight for equality but I don't want to disrespect the communities I'm supporting by overstepping my bounds. However, equality and compassion are what is most important to me in this world and anything I can do to help, I must. Silence is complacency. 

    I speak best with my camera, so I joined the protest on Saturday and made portraits of individuals united by the common cause - love. We want peace, we want an end to racism, we want prosperity for everyone, for the human race.

    Read more about the Millions March movement at!demands/cjg9