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  • Joonbug for Bobcut Magazine

    Joonbug for Bobcut Magazine

    I recently had the pleasure to photograph Jamaican native, Bay Area artist, Joonbug for Bobcut Magazine. Joonbug draws inspiration from the roots of his Jamaican culture and pre Civil Rights America to present a powerful understanding of the pulse of the nation concerning the racial challenges we face today. His brand, Fresh Kaufee has a an urban nostalgia, hearkening back to an unborn time of hip, intellectual streetwear.

    From the article:

    "Being a Jamaican native to now a San Francisco favorite, Lenworth commonly known as Joonbug has been illustrating for the bays hottest and up-coming. Snowbird Coffee, Six Stitch Apparel, Dojo45 to name a few. While finishing up his Masters degree, Joonbug took the next step in his career, launching a brand, Fresh Kaufee. “Fresh Kaufee is a clothing brand I found in 2008 that roots its principles in caffeine, a concept that serves as a catalyst to awaken your sleeping creative. ”"